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The Future of Water Fund Answers the Question:

How Do I Invest in Water?

We don’t buy or sell water. We invest in exponential digital solutions to address water scarcity, quality and equitable access caused by climate change. Think leak detection in smart homes, real time water quality monitoring in business-dependent watersheds, next-gen water recycling and air moisture capture.

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Our Team

Water Gurus &

Value Strategists

The general partners of the Future of Water Fund have extensive experience in developing water and climate strategies for US and non-US multinationals, non-governmental organizations and the public sector as the leaders of Water Foundry.

Water Foundry is a trusted advisor to premier global clients in the public, private, and technology sectors in solving water related challenges.

We will emphasize investments in companies and teams that want the strategic leverage of our unmatched expertise, experience and relationships in the global water sector.

Our Team


PepsiCo Announces  Partnerships to Celebrate World Water Day

"PepsiCo is also making a founding investment in the (Future of Water) Fund. This first-mover investment is meant to catalyze the development of new solutions to help improve the health of the watershed."

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Our First Investment

We believe water is the next investing movement.

We are prepared with the pipeline for investors & to help our founders scale

Our founder alliances provide early access to startups at the pre-seed, seed and early A stages to identify innovative and promising technologies, business models, teams, and terms. We have an international network of private and public sector enterprises that provides a customer base for accelerated scaling of our portfolio companies, including multinational brands presenting opportunities for acquisition and exit.

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